so, hubbs and I have started a grueling 90 day workout program...maybe you've heard of it. P90X We workout 6 days a week, somedays with weights, some days it's kickboxing, somedays it's yoga.

So far it's going well. But it's only been 4 days...still got 86 more to go. We took before pics so if: no, WHEN we have something to show for our efforts I will DEFINITELY be posting the after ones.

If any of you remember this post you can note that my "goal" for this year has yet to be attained. I'm getting closer though and if I can stick to this workout and stop (hangs head in shame) eating an entire box of wheat thins in one sitting, I think I can do it.

Darn those crunchy, salty, mouth watering crisps of joy.

I will succeed at this. Oh yes I will.

sorry, still no camera cord to be found...



The Miller Family said...

Man. I really do hate losing my camera cord.

So, when I first read this, my mouth dropped, because, well, I've seen you, and you look dang good. BUT, I'm here for you, and more power to you!

P.S. I've heard this program kicks your butt!

Jenn said...

You go girl! I want to do something like that after I have the baby...Joe and I were already talking about how neat it would be if we both got in great shape. Keep us updated on the progress! Don't give up!!

freya said...

get it girl! that's some serious dedication yall have got! and that's fun you guys are doing it together!