I've Been Tagged...Are You Next???

So Val tagged me and I hope I can do this beast right...what you do is type your answers to these questions into your image search and post the pics you find...

Age on my next birthday

A Place I want to Visit

My Favorite Thing

My Favorite Place

My Favorite Food

My Favorite Color

The Town that I Live In

The Name of My Pet

My Nickname

My College Major

My First Job

My Goal for Next Year

Ok, so I am going to tag... Jared, Mary Ann, and Stephanie! But ofcourse everyone is welcome to play along!!!


Leah said...

ooh, I like your goal! Valarie tagged me, too, and my goal is to have a mansion... It's pretty sweet, you should pop over and check it out. LOL!!! I wonder if I can have two goals? A mansion AND a smokin' hot body?

Jared Gunnell said...

Don't ever Tag me again!!!

Stephanie said...

that took sooooo long! hahah but it was fun. i like all your answers. so is your goal to be as dark as jessica alba or as skinny?

Tracy B. said...

What's your favorite color? Is it red, yellow, orange, or all of the above?

carrs in tally said...

I don't think I could ever beat your "tag" post- i loved all the pictures!!! by the way- thanks for the cheese cake :)