Au Revoir Olivia!!!!

Well, my oldest friend has moved away. It's weird really, I hardly know what to say about it all. We have been thru so so much together... we hated eachother for years and then one day, somehow, we became best friends. I haven't been able to shake her since! j/k.

We learned the gospel in Young Womens together, daydreamed up our perfect RM husbands together, acted in school plays, saw eachother thru family dramas, deaths, fights, being roomates for years, break-up after break-up, the terrors of the singles ward life...lol, finally finding the "one", we were in eachothers weddings, just everything. Olivia has been my most loyal friend. Sure she drives me crazy and sometimes I have wanted to strangle her (and she I) but I love her. I know we'll always be friends.

So, good luck to you Olivia. I love you! You and your crazed rants will be missed!!!


Stephanie said...

Good luck to Olivia, you are really gonna miss her ques.

Olivia said...

LOL, like you've been able to shack me now! HA! I'm not dead yet, girl. And don't you have any better pics of me? I feel like I've just read my own obituary or something...I'll always be your friend, you know how I am about my friends. When someone's my friend, that's it, they're my friend. it's a difficult screening process, but once you're in, you're in, and baby, you're all the way in. i love you so much, you're always there when I need you. You understand me better than anyone but Fai, and there's a small margin there. Oh, and never forget the roommates we've survived! You know the ONE i'm talking about, madame rotten apples!