Dang I Must Be Slow...

ok, so Alyse tagged me like 3 weeks ago and I am finally ready (and have a few spare minutes) to respond!!!!

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago right now...

1. relaxing after freshman year of highschool

2. dating someone who had just graduated highschool

3. just starting to read my scriptures on my own

4. spending everynight with mama and jasmine watching movies (mostly Ever After)

5. practicing drill team stuff

5 Things on my to-do list...

1. get my poor cars oil changed

2. stop cutting/dying/torturing my hair

3. become a cabinet expert

4. relax more often

5. water my dads plants ( i cant believe i forgot again!)

5 Favorite snacks...

1. funyuns

2. pumpkin muffins

3. french fries

4. tcby

5. chocolate

5 Things I would do if I was a billionaire...

1. let drew quit his job and never work again

2. buy my way outta college algebra

3. pay off all our debts

4. buy my mama something really nice

5. take my whole family on a trip around the world

5 Bad habits...

1. my close people know my number 1! lol!

2. gossiping (well, i prefer to call it "networking") lol

3. never saying "no"

4. taking things too personally

5. overthinking everything

5 Places I've lived...

1. Savannah, GA

2. Greenville, FL

3. Tallahassee, FL

4. Provo, Utah

5. Chaires, FL

5 People I tag...

1. olivia

2. tracy

3. tiff martin

4. jenn stansel

5. jenn porter

Have Fun!!!


Valarie said...

Funyuns?!?! Really?? :P

Tracy B. said...

You tagged me! Nobody ever tags me. I'm so excited.