yo ho yo ho

This weekend we went to my nephews pirate themed birthday party!!! I gotta say it was pretty darn cute. My sister made darling pirate costumes for all the lil kiddies and they each got a plastic sword. Her husband even built a cardboard/plywood pirate ship! Needless to say, Gavin turned 5 in style... and there was one particularly adorable pirate attending the festivities...

My sister made the eye patches from cereal boxes and fabric.

Pirate Miles got spoilage-a-plenty from Amay this weekend

I just love dressing him up. can't. wait. for. halloween.


"Why does mommy do these things to me?"

Best of all, I had this guy with me for every breath of the weekend.

Hope yours was just as wonderful


boy is 4 months today (sniffle sniffle) time for him to move into his own room.
(i just died a little inside typing that)