we are officially morning people.

Wouldn't you be as well if this is what you woke up to every morning???

I can't believe how adorable my son is. (my son) It sounds so magical saying that.

I have a son.

Motherhood I must say is actually easier than I anticipated. I guess I tried to prepare myself for the worst... all night scream-a-thons, colic, reflux...whatever madness the baby gods decided to curse us with... somehow we remain unscathed (and so grateful).
While Miles has his share of fits and crying (the poor child is cutting teeth already for pete's sake) overall he is one of the most pleasant babies I've ever encountered. He loves to read books and be held. He took right to breastfeeding and is getting to be quite the little chunker. He wakes up with a smile every morning and is pretty much content all day...until he gets tired. Tired Miles is no fun at all... thats another story though. He recently discovered he can suckle his fingers. He loves this and so do we (no more paci game). Mkay, I'm just gonna list some of the adorable new things baby boy is up to lately...

Playing with his toes... this is so so cute he is very interested in them and just holds onto them and stares.

Rolling onto his sides...this is especially fun when you're playing with him and he gets really excited and throws his legs into the air and rolls whichever way the weight of his legs take him.

Squealing... oh. my. gosh. Love this so much. Daddy gets the very best squeals (and smiles for that matter) when they are playing. Miles' voice is the sweetest sound I think I've ever heard (even when it's volume makes my ears bleed)

Reading... he LOVES LOVES LOVES to be read to. He stares so intently at the books and loves the silly sounds and interactions that go along with each different story.

Strolling... Everyday Miles and I take a nice, hour long walk. It's one of the happiest hours of his day. He just takes the whole outside world in and enjoys the breeze, I am so glad he likes to be outside, we have that in common.

I know this is an extra long post but I just don't wanna forget these little things about him that make me so happy. And I bet there's a certain YaYa in a distant land that will quite enjoy the updates!



mattANDvicky said...

I have truly enjoyed reading this. There is nothing to compare to having children! Keep enjoying!...Vicky

Jenn said...

I say...I, too, enjoyed reading this one. I like it when you expound. I'm so grateful for you also, that it is better than expected. Hope to see you soon!

Wonsch Fam said...

Cute, cute little boy. So one of my co-workers told me yesterday, that when her kids start cutting teeth, they take an egg fresh from a chicken, not the store, and put it in a sock. They then hang the sock over the doorway of whatever room the baby sleeps in and then they have a happy baby. She swears by it :)

Olivia said...

I've heard the sock-thing shelly mentioned too.

I love you! You are an awesome mommy! You are super mommy! You are a mighty, mighty, mighty woman! I am here, celebrating the woman that is you! I read the pirate post too, but there was no place to comment there!

It sounds like Nadira and Miles are doing a lot of the same things, I can't wait to see the two of them together again!