Merry Merry Merry

This weekend Mr. Blimes and I ventured out to the Christmas Tree lots in search of the perfect holiday fir!!! Turns out the firs are WAAAAAAYYYY too expensive for our meager holiday budget (dear friends and family, you all get a baby for Christmas from the Blimes' this year) so we ended up with a scotch pine... still cute but A LOT more pokey... poor Mr. Blimes was torn all to pieces by the time he got the tree on the car! Ah, holiday traditions!!!

I had so much fun watching my dear dear husband carry the beastly stabber out of the lot and tie it to the car. I was cruel and made him stop to pose for a few pics while his poor arms and stomach were being jabbed relentlessly by the pokey pine needles... why does he love me so much??? :o)

Notice this blog contains no pictures of the finished tree in all its decorated glory. Our tree did not turn out quite as glamorous as I'd envisioned...(meager budget remember?) But, when it's decent enough to be blogworthy I will share! This is Mr. Blimes' and my first tree since our very first Christmas... our second year we were in Tampa for the holidays, the third year we were crazy busy with Even Kelsey (yes, we are ROCK STARS... see, Where They Are Now) lol and last year we spent the holidays in Europe... I am very excited to have a tree this year, glam or not!!!

Stay tuned this week for a BIG BELLY picture... I think I gained like 10 lbs this weekend... and I grew like 3 more chins... yes I'm a big fatty...

Love me!



Valarie said...

Uh huh. Yeah...I think maybe someone needs to define the term "big fatty" for you, becuase apparently you do not understand the meaning! :)
Awwww, maybe the tree will still be up when I come to see you after this baby makes his appearance. It's been a while since I have been in a house that actually has a LIVE Christmas tree. Even we do the fake thing. It's easier and we are lazy.

The Miller Family said...

Yay for live christmas trees! We go the fake route, but the live one are SO much cooler!

I love Chirstmas time!

Jennifer Porter said...

I love the last pic!!!!

Jenn said...

Hey girl, you definately are not believable in your "big fatty" comment...but I would like to see a belly pic!

We have a fake tree, too...It was given to us because TGIFriday's got a new one. It's the safe way for us because, well, we never have any money! But, I had live trees growing up and they are great. I was in charge of keeping it with water! Fun, fun!

Love ya!

Kim said...

You are definitely one of the tiniest prego women I've ever seen! So nope...not a fatty!
I looove decorating the Christmas tree! I love the real ones too, and the smell they give. But we have a fako b/c my mom bought a fake one the Christmas before we got married and the next Christmas she was ready to go back to real so she gave us the fakey. I took pics of mine the other day! so fun!

MA said...

way to sacrifice your body drew! I bet your house smells soooo good!