36 Weeks Thankful!!!

Only 4 weeks left!!! Well, actually , I'm posting a little late so really more like 3 1/2 but who's counting right??? (ME!) So, since this week is all about gratitude,I decided to write a list of some of the things I have loved about being pregnant...

Daydreaming about how beautiful and perfect my baby boy will be

Feeling him kick, and wiggle around all the time

Never feeling alone, even when I'm the only one around

Belly pats from unexpected people

Mr. Blimes' coaching (he's been reading Husband Coached Childbirth and has recently gotten REALLY into prepping us for D-day)

Feeling justified in eating strange things at odd hours

Getting to play Mary at the ward Christmas party


The exciting buzz that is always in the air here, knowing things will soon never be the same again

It's good to be pregnant!!!

Here are a couple shots from Thanksgiving. Mr. Blimes and I really liked the horses...but they liked him better than me

Funny story... I took a picture with this same horse on a Thanksgiving long ago and sent it to Mr. Blimes on his mission.

Life is so randomly beautiful sometimes!!!

Happy Holiday,



Dottie said...

Hey Marquesas! I don't comment much on your blog but I do read it regularly! I just have to tell you that I LOVE reading it! I love your cheery attitude and outlook on life (and your pregnancy!) I wish you the best of luck as Baby Blimes gets ready to enter the world.

Dorothy :D

boph said...

okay marquesas, no one really believes that you only nap because you're pregnant. . .

Mrs. Blimes said...

hee hee...busted!

Jenn said...

Hey girl! You are the cutest pregnant woman!!

MA said...

i can't believe you're going to have a baby in less than a month! the pic by the horse is really cute of you! jonathan told me he wants a pie a week so come on over anytime to bake:)

Olivia said...

:) You still don't look pregnant enough!

Todd & Nichole said...

Oh you look so cute pregnant. I love the belly look on everyone else, but I am so glad I am not pregnant anymore. I need your email address so I can add you to my blog.

Laurel said...

Hey Marquesas! I saw your comment on Alyse's blog. I would love to send you an invite! What's your email address? And seriously, you are the cutest pregnant woman ever!

Mrs. Blimes said...

my email is... saseuqram@yahoo.com

and thanks!!!

Jenn said...

Thanks Marquesas!

We'll see if it's another blondie...the odds are in favor.