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Last night, Mr. Blimes solved this Wheel of Fortune Puzzle before ANY letters were revealed. My man sure can work a puzzle!

Can you figure it out???
I'll post the answer with this weeks baby bump!!!



Jennifer Porter said...

I need to buy a vowel!

freya said...

ridiculous! it's cause he practices with that sweet video game! ha

keeper of the chocolates said...

oh i love WOF! and your blog is just stinking adorable! i can't wait to see your tree...for heavens sake girl, if i can surrender my pride and show mine, you can too! bring it on! oh and your almost due! how totally exciting! congrats on becoming a new mama! welcome to the club, it's so fun :) (insert evil laugh here)bruu...haahahahahahah!!


Rach said...

Ahhhh, Wheel of Fortune. Jake's Dad LOVES WOF. In fact, he's been recording it on a daily basis ever since all he had to use was a VHS and a VCR. He records it so he can pause it and try to figure out the puzzle before the contestant does. If you know the answer, you're not allowed to blurt it out until he has solved it. I made the mistake of blurting on one of my visits to Jake's house when we first began dating. Whoa! Can you say "stink eye"?!

Valarie said...

Yeah, um, no idea. I guess that's why they didn't pick me for the show, huh??