Six Week Countdown!!!

To honor the final weeks of this blissful and amazing experience I'll be posting a new belly picture every week so we can all watch me and Baby Blimes grow!!!

BTW, no thanks required for the awesome quality of the picture... if anyone wants to get me a REALLY expensive gift, a new camera would be WONDERFUL!!!

Also for your enjoyment... this morning before work I made a toy for my niece Gwen... originally it wasn't for anyone in particular but after seeing how good I am at sewing on buttons I decided she is my only niece who is young enough to enjoy it but old enough to not choke when the buttons pop off tomorrow... gimme a break, this is like the FIRST thing I've ever really sewed on my own!!!

AND I actually remembered to take the Before picture as well as the AFTER this time!!!

If any of you beautiful bloggers are interested in turning some of your old gloves into cutesy toys just scroll down my blog and click the Homemade by Jill link... she's amazing!!!

See you at the shower!!!



Valarie said...
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Valarie said...

Eak! I had to delete my first comment because Laney managed to hit the right button in the exact right spot and send it when I was only half way done!
Marquesas you look absolutely adorable!! And the litle glove dog-type bear thing (hard to tell which it is from that picture) is fabulous! I am definitely going to haveto check out the website you suggest.

Wonsch Fam said...

I just bought some cute baby presents for YOU!!! :)

Olivia said...

You really look pregnant now! Yippy! Love the glove dog, gonna have to try that when I've completed the million and one other craft projects I'm working on...