Baby Bonanza!!!

Wow! Thank you so much to everyone who helped make Baby Blimes' shower a great success!!! I had so so much fun and feel so loved!!! You gals rock!!!

The event was AMAZING!!! All the gifts, games, favors and food were perfect!!! Kudos to my sister Jasmine on creating one fabulous party!!!

And a special shout out (yes I did say "shout out") to all my awesome SIL's!!! And my sweet niece Kaily for making the looong trip up for the weekend!!!

Here's a pic of the whole Baby Blimes Welcoming Committee!!! Thank you all for making this baby feel so loved even before he's arrived!!! And to all those who couldn't make it for whatever reason, you were there in spirit and I am grateful for the love and sentiments you sent our way!!!

PS check out the FAB diaper cake created by none other than the Mormon Martha herself!!! Thank you to all the wonderful sisters that helped make this diaper tower so delightful!!!

I love baby showers!!!



Olivia said...

:) You are so cute!

Valarie said...

It was so much fun. Thanks for inviting us! I definitely want to see pics of him in his bowtie the first time he wears it. :)

Jenn said...

Fun Fun! Did Drew get the guitar hero game after all?!

It was good to see you, can't wait to see Baby Blimes...and to know his name:P

Wonsch Fam said...

Your shower was so much fun. Jazz did an awesome job. I'm very impressed that you sent out thank you cards so fast. I'm horrible at that! It was so good to see Jenn Beast at the shower, all we were missing was Olivia from the original bungalow :(

Olivia said...

lol, so you guys have to get together when I come to visit next year, and it'll be the Bungalow 5 all over again! Or you guys could do another road trip...luckily DC isn't as far as Utah...:) Seriously, I miss you all.