I'm Sorry!!!

You are ALL invited to the baby shower this weekend!!! I just wanted to let everyone know at once because for some reason I keep getting word that my peeps haven't recieved their invitations by mail yet... I am SO SO SO sorry! I don't know if the post man is on crack or if my sister had the wrong addresses or if it was my bad or what but I don't want anyone to feel uninvited because I love you ALL and ofcourse I want you all to come celebrate this baby with me!!!

I am so sorry for anyone who had their feelings hurt by the empty mailbox this week... just know it wasn't intentional!

OK here we go!!!


Baby Blimes' Shower

Saturday November 15 @ 3pm

Marquesas' House
(Happy Now?)

Come celebrate Baby Boy Blimes in style with a bunch of Fabulous gals!!!

If you wanna RSVP just leave a comment! lol

All my love and apologies once again,



Kim and Stace said...
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Kim and Stace said...

(I just deleted my comment because I wanted to add something to it...here it is again;)

Hey Marquesas! I got it! But that is so crazy because I sent out invites for Katie's shower and I had 3 returned to me (for no reason! address was correct, stamped and all). Others informed me or Katie that they never received their's and got mad or their feelings were hurt and I really was so perplexed as to why they didn't get them and I felt really bad :'( I'm glad to know that it's not just me and my lack of mail-sending skills...maybe this will make your sister feel better that it it's not just her :)

Jared said...

I'm So hurt!! Actually I am so excited for you. It is still hard to believe you and drew are going to be parents! Crazy.

MA said...

ok so i feel oh so very special that i got my invite two weeks ago.. haha :)

i love your thanksgiving tree and new picture on the mantle- good job mj!

Valarie said...

I guess I'll come after all. :) And since I ended up getting an invite in the mail, I guess I might even consider bringing a present!

Kim and Stace said...

Please consider this my formal "I'll be there":) I keep forgetting to send the e-mail while I'm at home with the address in front of me...

freya said...

i'm not a creeper.. well actually i am. i found your blog from going to candace's then kim's then you! ha. anyway the point of this comment is to say that like kim i keep forgetting to email your sister. sadly i have a wedding to go to on saturday at 3 :( what are the odds?