Last Weeks Highlights

For FHE last week Drew and I took apart our Spooky Halloween Tree and transformed it into a Thanksgiving Tree. I cut out like a bazillion construction paper leaves (have I ever mentioned my deep and abiding love for construction paper?) and we wrote what we are grateful for on them. We wrote on the fronts and backs so each leaf has something treasured by both of us on it. I have to say it was really special to see all the things Mr. Blimes thought to write about being thankful for... it really helped me see him in an all new way (didn't think that was still possible after all this time) He is so easy to love.

Also, last week brought with it Mable's least favorite time of the month...bath time...she always gets so shivery and sad. As soon as I take her collar off she starts running for the nearest hiding place...this time she picked behind the bedroom door...we found her, had a good laugh, but the bath was completely necessary so it had to be done. The only redeeming part of her bath time is the end... Drew is always the one to bring the rescuing towel and scoop her up into the warmth of his arms... she LOVES this part... and even though he tries to act all manly and macho I think he secretly does too!

On Thursday of last week, I was coming to the end of my rope...(the kitchen business is SUPER slow right now and there's been talk of cutting costs at Cabinets by LeMay...ME being the costs) Anyway, I needed a day off to refuel and calm my crazies...so Drew decided to play hooky and spend a relaxing day off with me... just what the Dr. ordered! He is always so good at getting my feet back on the ground when I'm starting to lift off into crazy-land!!!

Friday was the 6th anniversary of Mr. Blimes and my first date! We spent that fated evening long ago at the Olive Garden...so every year (with the exception of the two he spent away on his mission) we go back to the Olive Garden on November 7th... It was a great dinner and we had a good time reminiscing about memories past and talking about the exciting things in our future... I love you Boobie! These past 6 years have been worth the fact that I had to drive us on our first date and pay for dinner...hee hee! I wouldn't trade our memories for anything.

K, now for the last of last weeks highlights...this post makes my life seem so busy and sparkly!!! It isn't. lol But I do love all things sparkly just FYI... so I got a little crafty over the weekend and thought I'd share... here's the card I made Mr. Blimes for our anniversary... a bird silhouette to go on our mantle... and the snowman that YOU can make also if you come to the FABULOUS annual RS Christmas Party!!! December 6 at 10am...

PS in case it isn't obvious I am REALLY starting to have a thing for birds... they're just so free and beautiful...also they're light enough to fly and having recently gained 20lbs I may just be wishful thinking!!!

all my love,



The Miller Family said...

SO fun and cute! If you don't mind, I may semi-copycat you on your Thanksgiving tree idea...love it!

Miss you too! With the kids, we're pretty much confined to our house after 7pm, so we're kinda limited there, lol! But we would love to spend more time with you guys!

Ad not that I want you to be the cost that gets cut, but I have to say it would allow for some pretty fun playdates with baby blimes, before and after his big appearance!

And Happy First Date Anniversary!

Thanks for the update of your super fun week!

Jenn said...

I love the cute ideas! I might steal the idea if I had enough ambition and motivation...we'll see!

If you get cut, as sad as that would be, we could always start a day care! HA!

I hope it picks up for your mom and everything works out for you, too.

Love you!

Wonsch Fam said...

You're so creative :)I love the tree. Of course I'll be at your shower, how could I miss it silly ? miss you!

Kim and Stace said...

I love the Thanksgiving Tree idea too! I may copy it too! BTW, I enjoyed Drew's talk yesterday:)

Valarie said...

You are so cute it makes me sick sometimes. :) Have I ever told you how happy it makes me that you love him so much?? You both are very lucky. The tree is so cute. I laughed when I saw "Toilet Paper."

Olivia said...

:) your life is sparkly and glowing. I love you, and miss you. I'm so grateful that you're my friend.

And yes, I too may be copying your thanksgiving tree. :)

Megan Joy Hull :) said...

girl you are too crafty!! Very impressive and sentimental, reminds/inspires me to appreciate my hubby as much as you do. Super cute tree to!! Best of luck I can't wait to see the pics of baby blimes arrival!! :)