ghosts and glamour.

To steal my heart...

Answer my call when I really need you.
Offer me hugs, kind critiques, and true friendship.
Help my children see something wonderful in the world.
Tell me I'm beautiful.
Watch ridiculous TV with me.
Listen to me cry/whine/worry without judgement.
Accept me even though you may not agree with me.
Smile and laugh with me.
BE REAL. (This one especially.)
Come forth from my womb. (Sorry, only a couple of you can pull that off.)
Teach me.
Make me laugh so hard no sound comes out.
Give me advice. Your best advice. The words of wisdom you treasure up for a stormy day.
Eat with me. If you love food, I probably already love you.

I am SO grateful for friends and family near and far that have stolen my heart in so many different ways.

Feeling blessed, understood and accepted,

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Jessica said...

Love you darling friend :)