cover me.

So you left me a letter. 
And just spying it hidden away there in the TV/music stand brought me to tears. You were leaving for a few days for work and you knew that I would be sad when we said good bye. The day and night before you left were the worst in a long long time.

I held back tears as we hugged goodbye in the driveway. I couldn't hold on too long or too tight because six children were attempting the great escape.

"You should go inside and watch some TV or something."
"I can't do that with all the kids here."
"Well, you should. Just go in and watch some TV or turn on some music."

When I walked back inside the TV cabinet was baby proofed shut. I opened it to find the love you left behind for me. 

How do you always know just what to do, 
what to say to chase my crazy away.
Your letter was loving, supportive, and funny.
Just like you.

I cannot believe how blessed I am.
How blessed we are to have found one another.
You're right you know?
We really don't need anything but each other and our little family to be happy.

I love the boy you were when we met.
I love the man you have become.
I love growing up with you.
Working hard to become the people we dreamed of being.

Thank you for loving me every single day.
Thank you for never letting me doubt for one second that you know me.
Need me.
Want me near.
There is something very special about you.
And I plan on keeping it all to myself.

I love you and miss you like crazy,


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Eloquent Obi said...

awww! yes this is so true. you are pretty inside and out! see my current blog post! i have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Congrats!!! http://myeloquentrambles.blogspot.com/2013/04/liebster-award-3-and-ultimate-blog-hop.html