wish it were sunday.

We started pre-school here at home the first week of September and Miles is doing so well! He and his little friends get so excited to put the date up on the calendar board or be the meteorologist and check the  days' weather. I am using the Fireflies curriculum from Funshine Express. It is written at just the right pace for my little learners over here. Each monthly kit comes with a curriculum guide and supplies for art/math and science activities. It comes with journals for the kids to work in and aids for learning letters, numbers, colors, shapes and Spanish!  It is so nice to have everything ready to go! It makes it a lot easier on a busy mama like me.
Baby brother enjoys preschool activities as well. His favorite is snacking on the markers/glue/glitter/crayons/paint/chalk while the children do art. Yeah. He really loves the taste or texture or possibly the reaction he gets from me when he scarfs down art supplies. That boy is going to poop out a Picasso any day now.
Nap time is busy here these days. Baby Joshua is usually awake with Miles and I and we can't really resist his sweet gummy grin.  It would be great if I could get some homework done during nap time but honestly playing with Miles and JP is so much better. My homework has to wait until the kiddies are asleep at night. I usually have to choose between cleaning up the days mess or getting my homework done. Yep. Pretty much every morning I wake up to a sty. As long as I have it decent before the daycare campers arrive it's all good though. Ok, maybe not all good but it's tolerable.
Drew and I have bucket loads of tv that we want to watch and all this homework is cramping my couch potato style. Sigh. I love love love being in school but it is time consuming. It will be worth it though. I can feel it.
Hope all is well with my bloggy pals. I am mooostly up to date on all of your antics. I may not be posting or commenting as frequently but I am still stalking regularly.
Have a good Monday!

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freya said...

you amaze me! forgoing your couch potato style for homework is sooo hard, especially after a full day of daycare/preschool! well done mama!