these days.

Overhearing a man in a three piece suit talking about auditing and other smart numbery sounding words is hot.

When you get to take that very same man home with you. Even hotter.

My patience can go from thick as thieves to razor thin in about .1 second. Especially if hair pulling is involved. Do NOT touch my hair.

Pretty much every one of our weekends is booked through May. How is that even possible?

Miles listens to every single word I say. 

Peeta was beautiful in the movie. Katniss was unbelievable. I loved it but, just as the book did, it made me very very sad. Still recovering.

I can grill! Soon I will achieve perfect wife status. Just watch me. (except for the part where our house is a wreck, there's not enough sweat pants in the world in my opinion and I rock the no-make up/bun combo on the reg.

There is less than a week left in my precious baby's first year. Sob. There is no plan to wean him insight either and I DO NOT care.

Reese's Eggs are part of our daily 2,000 now and it is ahhhhmazing. If you're ever in the neighborhood drop some by and  I'll love you forever.

Annnnnnnnnnnd............. I am officially under pre-Ollie weight. (By .2 lbs but still!) Welcome back to the 120's me. It's a good day.

Peace Love and Reese's.



Domesticated-Bliss said...

I loved the movie! I was worried it wouldn't be the same, but it was fabulous. I thought they did an amazing job bringing it to life.

CONGRATS on the pre-baby weight! I can't believe that Oliver is almost a year old!

Kristin said...

Loved your update post. Way to go losing the baby weight! I STILL haven't read the Hunger Games, even after we talked about them on the phone that one time, 'member? Don't know if I still have your number somewhere...hope you're well! You know, every time I see Reeses anything at the store (esp. pumpkins and eggs), I think of you! Ha! :-) Hugs, your old friend, ~K

Mandy said...

You are GORGEOUS! I loved your dress (and hair) at church yesterday. The 120s are lovely. I feel like I'm in the 150s right now, but I think that's Mother Nature's fault.

I *think* I'm going to see the movie on Thursday. Trina said she'd pick up CJ from school for me so I can catch the 3:45 showing in the IMAX. Hopefully there won't be a crowd in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week. Hopefully.

PS: Can you teach me how to grill? Cause the grill terrifies me. I'll pay you in Reese eggs!

PPS: Thanks again for showing me the love this morning on my blog. I mean it.

PPPS: Double thanks again for offering to keep CJ so I could go see the movie.

PPPPS: I really miss nursing. Give him a booby snuggle and think of me. (You know what I mean lol)