baby brother.

Sweet Baby Ollie,

 You are such a joy! I love love love your giant squishy cheeks and your toothless grin. I swear all I have to do is make eye contact with you and you start cheezin'. It is awesome. You are so so happy little man. Everyday when Daddy walks through the door you start bouncing up and down on your little baby butt and clap your hands nearly exploding with excitement for him to pick you up. Daddy loves you so sweetie.
And I love you.  And big brother loves you.You are a precious gift and I am thankful everyday for you.

You are quite fond of your big brother. He carries you around and plays steamroller with you. You laugh and laugh when he runs back and forth in front of you as fast as he can. I can see in your eyes that you cannot wait to join in the fun. In fact you are already an expert crawler. You started when you were only 5 1/2 months old. You have the funniest crawl. You use one knee and one foot to propel yourself along. I guess you have one lazy leg because when you started with the army crawl you only used one leg for that too. That's ok though, I'm sure the other one will catch up. You are absolutely adorable. I expect you to be walking in the not too distant future. Cry. Why do you have to grow so fast sweet boy?

Recently you finally made the move from our bed to your crib. I was sad to see you go but proud of how well you did with the transition. It is still a work in progress of course but you are my little champ. You also recently decided that baby food is yummy. You like sweet potatoes, green beans, squash, apples and blueberries so far. I love to watch you scarf down your healthy healthy fruits and veggies. 

Oliver, you loooove phones. And remotes. You like to suck on them. In fact you like to suck on everything. Several times a day big brother and I have to rescue you from chowing down on the Christmas tree lights. You are a wild man. You love to climb and I can already tell that you and big brother are going to run me ragged sooner than later. But I love you both so madly. 

Being your mother is so precious to me guy. You make me smile a million times a day. I love to look into your blue baby eyes and dream of happy adventures for you. I love the way you make silly clicking sounds with your tongue. I love how much you enjoy breastfeeding. I enjoy it too, so much. I LOVE that you are mine forever. No matter what you'll always be my sweet little baby boy. I love you big guy.



The Hargretts said...

He is such a cute little guy! One of my favorite winning smiles for sure. I just hope he drops the Christmas light habit soon. =)

Lindy said...

Ah! He is so happy and adorable. I love hearing about the big brother/little brother dynamic. Too presh.

Also, steamroller sounds like a fun game for sure. :)

freya said...

so sweet. he's such a fun little guy! can't believe how much he can do!