let's just take a moment

to bask in the glory of the fact that I haven't had any caffeine in over 5 months. Thank you for that Oliver. I was honestly addicted to the stuff.

While we're at it, let's celebrate a few more little things that make my life awesome right now...

Softball season starts tomorrow! Yes! Time to get down and dirty.

Miles can practically recite The Cat in the Hat on his own. If I drop out at any point while reading he will chime right in with the words. Love.

Oliver is pretty much sitting alone now. He is so strong in his core and so sturdily built. My little line backer perhaps.

I am on the brink of having 3 of my daycare kiddos potty trained and that is a BIG deal.

My husband finds me irresistible. And who else's opinion matters truly?

I have had 3 fun visitors in the past two days. I love people that love me enough to show it.

Today Miles and I played football with the neighbor kids. A few of their names: Davion, Savion (they were brothers), Mikayliani, Jaysean. It is so nice to not be the only one with a different name on the street! I have such sweet neighbor kids!

Tomorrow is Friday! Yes!

Oliver is now screaming at me. Gotta go boob him up. Night.


PS The red hair is coming back soon and I can not wait!!!