just gonna say it.

I love Sponge Bob. 

For years I said I hated the show, it annoyed me, blah blah blah pretentious crap..... The truth is, I never gave it a chance. Didn't really have a reason to.

Recently Miles has taken an intense interest in Sponge Bob therefore I have seen far more episodes than I ever dreamed I would. But I have to say, I really like it. No, it isn't educational or particularly entertaining. Ok ok, it is pretty entertaining sometimes. "Best Day Ever!!!" Anyway, what I really like about it is Sponge Bob himself. He is genuinely good. He is always positive, always looking to help others, he has an amazing work ethic and he is kind to everyone. Even those who treat him poorly. He is just all around a great little guy....sponge... thing. 

I don't think it'll be the worst thing ever if Miles turns out to be a little bit like Sponge Bob.

Peace love and Crabby Patties