a few things I've learned lately.

Getting older isn't as bad as I thought.

As much as I ADORE blonde hair, I like myself as a red head better.

Life as we know it, right now is the only thing that really matters. Worrying, wishing, and wondering are silly wastes of precious present moments.

A pillow top king sized bed covered in down comforters and high thread count sheets is the only way to sleep. It's like dreaming in the clouds every night. Ah bed time. How I love thee.

I want to live in a world without judgmental people. Learn someones story before you speak. Just sayin'.

My husband is so very intelligent, kind and considerate. Seriously, I am the luckiest.

I am growing up. And I really kinda like it.

I worry probably way too much about giving enough time to both of my children equally. 

It's ok to have a messy house. I may or may not have mopped in over a week...

I really don't care what other people think. It is so very freeing. I am a grown woman, doing my best. If that isn't good enough for you that's your problem.

I miss blogging regularly. I say it all the time. I just have to be more willing to give up sleep to do it.

My kids are so so wonderful. I love having two boys and I feel so very satisfied in my role as their mother. It is butt hard yes but it is a great job.

Have a good Tuesday friends!



Tanya said...

Is it normal to mop weekly? Ooops.

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Very insightful my dear :) I miss you blogging too! But what you're doing with your time is very important!

Mandy said...

Well said, honey! The boys are adorable (of course). Enjoy! XOXO

Meagan said...

Love you girl!!!! And you forgot to mention that your two boys are the sweetest and cutest things ever!!!! I love being able to chat with Miles in nursery and I looooved cuddling Oliver on Saturday. Just so you know, I wash my kitchen floor (like REALLY clean it with chemicals) once a month. I sweep regularly and clean up messes with my rag, but the deep cleans rarely happen...and I DON'T CARE!!! lol

Lindy said...

So all these comments got me thinking about the last time I mopped my floor...hmm. When was that? Let's make that tonight.

I miss you blogging regularly. But you gotta sleep. How about I come watch your kids for an hour twice a week and you can blog? Win-Win!

Kristin said...

Blogland (and me) miss you M! But I'm sure once Oli (do you call him Oli?) is a little older, you'll find more time! Oh, and TOTALLY agree: a soft bed with ahhhmazing sheets is the only way to go. Happy Tuesday my friend!

MA said...

Amen Sister! Love your honesty and heart! Miss ya too! Peace out and much love :)