the big.


I just had to say that I love your voice. It is the very sweetest sound. Especially your half awake sleepy voice. Oh it melts me.

Two nights ago after your bedtime stories ("The Neetches and The Zax and The Daves and The Pants"), I was sitting on the floor cuddled up beside you in your toddler bed and you accidentally bumped me in the head with your elbow. You leaned over and kissed my forehead so sweetly. Then you proceeded to cover my entire face with kisses. Yes, I love you so. You've got me right where you want me.

You have mastered the First Article of Faith son, and I am so proud! Just like Tricia said, kids will do just about anything to delay bedtime! 

You are so very kind to your baby brother these days and I love that. You are always looking out for him and  smothering him with kisses and hugs. It's pretty great.

You have also decided that you love movies. Right now your top choices are Finding Nemo, Gnomeo and Juliet, and Here Come the 123's. I don't like to let you watch a movies every single day but you are so dang sweet when you ask me! Sometimes I can resist you tho, I am getting better.

You can now draw stick poeple. Well, the two year old version of stick people. Daddy taught you this. He showed you one time and you've been drawing creepy, awesome spider people ever since. You are so so bright.

Lately you have been sneaking out of your bed in the night to join Daddy, Oliver and myself.  I'm afraid it's time to get back on the sleep training regimen. Boo.

You keep asking where your "girl cousins" are. I think they made quite the impression. I hope you get to see them again soon.

Right now you eat a lot of fruit, veggies and bread. You also looove hot dogs, you have a prefered method of eating them though. You like to have one whole hot dog cold in your hand and one warmed and cut up with ketchup on the side. Strange but cute. Tacos are a favorite too and of course you would live on candy if I let you. But then again, I would do that myself if I could. Great minds son. Your beverage of choice is still chocolate milk. Can't blame you there the stuff is awesome. Ovaltine yummy yummy!

Yesterday when your Big Daddy came for a visit you ran up and gave him a big hug. I was so happy to see you in his arms and the smile it brought to his face. You bring happiness to so many people buddy.

You are a wonderful story teller son. So expressive and detailed. You even made up your own story the other day. It went like this. "Once upon a time there was a snake named Cow. The end."  Awesome!

I love you baby boy, you make my days wonderful, crazy and fun.



Domesticated-Bliss said...

This is totally adorable :) You're going to be so thankful you recorded all this when Miles and Oliver are older :)

Meagan said...

Cute cute cute!!! It was fun to sit next to him in nursery yesterday! He is adorable and growing up So fast!!!

freya said...

already memorizing the ol' articles of faith eh? impressive! he's such a sweetie!