3 months blessed.

Dear Oliver,

Tomorrow you are 3 months old.  And even though I am holding you in my arms as I type this I can hardly believe you're real. You are such a dream little boy. I love to hold you and smell your sweet baby scent. I love the way you smile at the ceiling fan EVERY TIME you see it. I love the way everyone that holds you can't help smiling. No one can resist your charms son. You get that from your Daddy. I can already tell you have a personality that is the perfect fit for our little family of four. Welcome again. Welcome, welcome, welcome.

Last weekend you were given a name and a blessing. Your Daddy held you in his hands and blessed you with a beautiful name, Oliver Wesley Blimes, and so many wonderful, needful gifts. You have so much joy ahead of you angel. And I am so lucky to be the one to watch you discover it. I love you. You are a blessing, pure love and bliss in a tiny baby package. Thank you for joining us. I promise to do my very best for you always.



Domesticated-Bliss said...

Oliver is such a beautiful little boy and he is lucky to have such wonderful, caring and engaged parents :)

freya said...

congrats m! he's such a cutie! and he looks so much like miles! you're one hot mama too!

Kristin said...

What beautiful pics M! Love your outfit :-) Such summer happiness...