wednesday ramble.

My gorgeous blue eyed boy. 
Excuse the bangs. 
They are a work in progress. 

I love the way my baby boy smells. It's funny really, he mostly smells like barf (reflux baby) but to me he smells like heaven. I love to watch him sleep, his tiny chest rising and falling brings so much peace to my heart. What is it about tiny babies that just softens people?

This child has already changed my life so much for the better. He has been a tie that strengthened relationships, a vessel to teach love and patience to a two year old, and a perfect late night party partner.

I remember partying with him late at night when he was in my belly and everyone else was sleeping. I gotta say, that was awesome but it's so much better having him on the outside.

He is perfection.

Things around here are beginning to work again. I'm recovered from pregnancy/child birth, starting to get more sleep at night and getting back into life's normal routine. Cleaning, cooking, exercise, oh the exercise. Ouch.
I have about a zillion tupperware dishes to return to the wonderful saints that brought so much delicious food to us along the way. Fear not sisters! I WILL get it back to you.

Mostly I feel blessed beyond belief to have a home to share with three beautiful boys. I can hardly believe how lucky I am. 

Yes, we are tired and lots of the time we are just making it through the day and we collapse into bed and fall asleep upon contact with the pillows but I have to say, things are good.  The future is bright and for today I feel safe and warm in a house full of love.



Meagan said...

So good to hear :-) I can't imagine having a baby around ALL THE TIME. Definitely different when the babe leaves at 3 everyday :-) But when our #2 does come along (someday...) I know I'll rejoice with open arms with everything he/she does.

Girls night next week? Lets plan for it...

The Miller Family said...

<3 (I wish blogger made hearts!!!)

Preston and Angie said...

You both look so good!! I'm glad everything's on the up and up! You made it through the first hardest part!!

oh, and congrats on potty training Miles! That must be a great feeling!

Lindy said...

I'm so glad you're settling in! You are one HOT mama.