for accountabilities sake

I have really got my work cut out for me this time I tell ya. After I lost the baby weight and then some from my pregnancy with Miles I threw away all my bigger sized clothes. Right now I so wish I hadn't done that. I'm pretty much 12 lbs away from any of my old clothes fitting me and yall know I am way to cheap to buy new ones.

So, here's my "before" pics... I hope to dazzle you with some really fit and awesome "after" pics before summers done. We'll see how insane Insanity really is. The workouts are butt crazy hard, that's for sure. Hopefully it pays off and I get a smokin' hot bod that hubby will drool over. 

Too much to ask?



Preston and Angie said...

With that being your "before" I'm sure you're smokin' hot bod is on the way!! You look awesome already!!


Amy & Miikael said...

Can my before look like your before, or I would even take it as my after. You look great, but goodluck with the workout.

Domesticated-Bliss said...

you already look like a smokin hot mama, so you can only improve from there!

Lookin good M!

Shelley said...

you look fabulous!! you must be tall?? i weigh 135 and don't look half as great as you..although i am months from turning 40 too. i just started P90x today!! i hope it makes a difference by my birthday.

Kristen said...

Seriously, im trying to start p90x today and thought about doing before and after pictures. Now I'm too embarrassed after seeing your before picture!

Good luck working on that already hot bod!

Lindy said...

You are one hot mama! I cannot wait to hear about the insanity workout. You are such an inspiration!