your name is pounding through my veins.

I love that you think I'm funny even when I am being totally serious. 
I love that you watch crap TV with me. (Even if I do think we watch too much.)
I love that you listen to me when I need someone to care about my ridiculous problems.
I love that I know you will stick around through the hard times. Because you have so many times before.
I love the man you are and the man I can see you becoming. 
Sometimes it may not seem like it but I know our future is bright and there are more good things ahead than bad.
Starting with this new little baby boy.
It will be hard but we'll come through. 
Like always.
I love you.

(This made me think of you today.)


Domesticated-Bliss said...

This is so sweet :) I also love the pic!

The Miller Family said...

Love that quote!!!