a few things.

*** Warning: This is not a happy snappy fa la la post. If you need sunshine and rainbows today, look else where.***

1. Internet Explorer is lame. I just tried to resurrect Google Chrome on my comp and it made me want to throw the computer across the room. I hate feeling helpless.

2. Petty sure I just broke my back forever dragging the giant ladder out and scaling it up to the attic to retrieve the baby clothes. But I got them and now I can start sorting/washing them while these 5 children sleep. Isn't my life glamorous?

3. Attempted to make cookies this morning and they were so dry they choked me. The children really liked them though. So that's something I guess.

4. I really hate not knowing if my SIL is going to be alright. I wish she could just wake up and be perfectly fine right now. Please keep the prayers coming. Thank you.

5. Miles threw a very small, very hard, ball at my face this morning. Cry.

6. Pretty sure we are back to square one on Baby Brother's name. Maybe I'll just put a few in a hat, choose at random and be done with it.

7. Miles' detox from junk food came to a screeching halt last night over pizza and fruit snacks. I was swollen and didn't feel like cooking. Like I said, glamorous.

8. Someday when I re-read this post, I'm probably going to wish I could come back to today and appreciate it instead of just whine whine whine. I'll deal with that on that day.

9. Pretty sure I went to bed last night with a candle burning. Miles reminded me of it this morning when he said, "The fire's gone!" I guess it burned itself out sometime in the night. Thank goodness nothing worse happened. No more candles during pregnancy. No matter how many poopy diapers have stunk up my house that day.

10. Here's something good to end on... Someone I am absolutely crazy about brought me a dress today. She read my post about my dresses not fitting anymore and brought a very cute, very stretchy dress over to me this morning. She made my day much happier with her thoughtfulness. Someday I'll be just like her.

Here's hoping your day is going better than mine, and that I manage to pull this stick outta my butt soon. I'll keep you posted.


Seriously though, please pray for Tracy.


Meagan said...

That is the sweetest thing ever!!! A new dress??? That is so great. I wore the same maternity dress from Old Navy to church every week my last 4-6 weeks. It wasn't glam. I felt HUGE. No one talked to me because I had this pissed off I'm still preg face, I'm sure! I was miserable! YOu, my dear, are so glam all the time.

It is OK to post about non happy things. It feels SO good to let them out. Just don't post something that maaaaay offed an in-law. (yes, my last post was editted...lol) It is cleared up now, but boy was I bothered!

I still LOVE the name Moses :-)

Megan Joy said...

Don't beat yourself up. You are human. We all have bad days. But I understand being frustrated with a day and then being even more frustrated with myself for being frustrated to begin with- vicious cycle! Take it easy on yourself though you seem to be doing a wonderful job managing everything.

And don't worry, a little pizza and gummies never hurt anyone! :)

Leah said...

Oh, I WISH we could be let in on the name contenders for Baby Boy! I'm a little name-crazy! What happened with the name; did you decide you didn't like it anymore?

I hope your day gets much better with many more "good things to end on"!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

You poor sweet thing :) I have to say I love the picture! Deep breath! Remember we're not in control and that's ok - He has our best interests in mind.

Love you!

Michelle said...

Ah, I remember the days of watching kids in my home - so glamorous!

Of course, my life now of being home with kids all day, doing domestic tasks is not any more glamorous, but at least my house doesn't smell like poopy diapers now...