35 weeks survey.

(Date night Friday. We saw I Am Number Four. It was pretty awesome. Though I almost peed myself like 7 times.)

Thoughts from Baby Mama: "My throat burns. I thought heart burn happened in your chest. Also, I think I'm bout to bust a vein."
Weight: 157.6
Cravings: Chips, Cherry ICEE's (they help numb my fire throat), fruit fruit fruit.
Sleep Patterns: Decent, only waking two to three times a night to pee. No naps during weekdays, one nap a day on weekends.
Clothes That Still Fit: Dwindling fast...Especially my dresses...
Baby Prep Completed: Ummmmm... Okay, none. But I hope to make progress this week. At least he has a name.
Thoughts From Baby Daddy: "My wife is pregnant. Oh crap. I'm about to have two kids."  I agree that is a terrifying thought. How do yall do it with 2,3,4 plus kids!?!
Disgusting Killer Vein Update: Still there, still spreading, still trying to stay off my feet as much as possible-ish.
Stretch Marks: None to be seen yet. Hoping for the same luck I had with Miles. Hope + LOTS of coco butter = Stretch mark free belly riiiight? No?
Thoughts From Big Brother: "I can't push it back in!" (Referring to my belly button, which he is ALWAYS trying to 'fix' for me.) So so so cute.

Are you pregnant? Considering it? I'd love to know your answers to this survey... :0)



Anonymous said...

You are absolutely adorable!!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

You're cracking me up :) Can't wait to see you later this month!!

Leah said...

Well.. NOT pregnant, but Miles' fixation on your belly button got me to thinking. I just got my navel pierced, and if I'm ever pregnant, that little bedazzlement will have to be removed what with all the s t r e t c h i n g involved...
That day is far away, though, but no doubt totally worth it! : )

Lindy said...

Almost there! Your boots are awesome.

MA said...

you are soooooo tiny! miss ya

freya said...

you are too cute! i hope i'm like you one day when i'm a pregger person.

p.s. love the new font!