we can play all day.

We took Miles to the zoo this weekend. We wanted to take him for his birthday and this weekend worked out perfectly since it was also his little cousins birthday. We took them both!

It was a really great time. We rode camels, saw lots of animals, petted goats, fed giraffes, got bitten on the head by a giraffe, passed kidney stones...

Wait, what?!? Yes, a giraffe bit my head this Saturday. And husband had a kidney stone at the zoo. Only we could have a zoo day that randomly entertaining and dramatic!

(See the one in the back? See how he's glaring at me!?! About 20 seconds after this picture was taken as I was walking away he bit me in the back of the head! It hurt and my hair was SO slimy!)

Miles had the best time ever though. He was all smiles, "I wanna walk! I wanna see elephant! I wanna give giraffe a cracker!" He was very very into it! 

Camel ride for the two birthday kids! (And one handsome adult!)

Petting a goat.

Checking out the lazy wart hog. He was too lazy to even breathe regularly. We thought he was dead!

I LOVE having a child! And I can't wait to add another wild boy into the mix!


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Ryan and Meagan said...


Where is the closest zoo?? Is in Jacksonville?? That looks like SO much fun I love zoos sooo much!