pretty much the best date night ever.

Last week Drew and I escaped to dinner and Fun Station! Woot! It was AHH-mazing! We always have a good time when we go there but this time was exceptional!

The date started with our babysitter telling me I looked like I was wearing a moo-moo. Not awesome. But I am big and preggo and didn't feel like changing AGAIN so I just kept my jacket on the entire time. I actually love the colors in the top and the sweet person that handed it down to me has great style but I think I have to agree with babysitter here. It did nothing for my ever expanding figure. Sigh. What do you think?

(yeah, definitely moo moo-ish)

Highlights of the night:

Drew being hot without even trying while playing basketball.

Me rolling the skee ball into the 10,000 point hole
Me winning a 75 ticket bonus at skee ball
Drew winning 300 tickets in one spin of the Wheel of Fortune wheel

Ending the night with 830 tickets to trade for useless crap that Miles would LOVE

Yes, I'd recommend date night to a friend. Especially if you have someone handsome and charming to take along beside you.



Mrs. Dontje said...

awww cute! looks like fun!

Kristin said...

Oh how wonderful! My hubby and I love to go to Chuck E Cheese and other such places for date night too. I could've told you that you were the SkeeBall queen - b/c we ARE Kindred Spirits after all, and that is (the only) one game that I excel in :-). I wouldn't have expected anything less from you my dear! lol

Anonymous said...

how fun! glad you had a great time! i just love places like fun station!