mail call...

(Los Com padres)

Dear 400th Post,
    Hello, welcome to The Life and Times of Mrs. Blimes. It's hard to believe you're already here.

Dear Anyone who has read all 400 posts,
     I love you.

Dear Anyone who has ever left a comment,
     I love you more. ;0)

Dear Crazy Kiddos at my house,
     Thank you for napping so very well for me. Otherwise there wouldn't be 400 posts would there?

Dear Education,
     Yes, you are calling my name and yes I do hear you. I will answer but it will be a process. It will be a while before we reach completion.

Dear Baby in My Belly,
     You are awesome. I don't know you yet but I'm sure we'll be fast friends. Especially when I introduce you to your two best friends. They live right above your current home.

Dear Jenn Beast,
     It was so great to hang with you last night. You are the one and only Jenn Beast and I am going to die slowly and dramatically when you leave next week. Just thought you should know.

Dear Husband,
     Thank you very much for cleaning up last night. It was great to come home to a neat house. :0) I love you.

Dear Miles,
     I am fairly certain you are going to grow up to be very very athletic. Your first words this morning were, "Time for our workout!" And you have spent most of this week practicing dribbling the basketball, hitting the tennis ball with the racket, and shooting hoops. You are awesome.



Domesticated-Bliss said...

400 posts!?! Congrats!!

The pic reminds me so much of high school!

L said...

400! Wow... I am having trouble just getting to 100! You inspire me M!

Mandy said...

I'm going to leave a comment so you love me more :) I love the part about the baby's two best friends. Mommy milk rocks. :)

Melissa said...

Hey! I saw this tutorial and thought of you:


She's a member too.