i do not fear horizontal stripes.

Though maybe a healthy respect is in order.

On this weekends agenda...

Birthday Party for the BFF
Guitar practice with the hubby (We're learning a sweet duet!)
 Baby bump photo shoot (What the heck am I gonna wear?)
A stop at Secondhand Sandies would be nice
Miles slumber partying it up with his Amay Saturday night
 Going to church w/o a baby... weird.
Some kind of crafting...?
Dunkin Doughnuts (simply a must)
Miles and me hittin the park. Hard. (Any joiners?)
Feels like I'm forgetting something...
We'll see how much of this actually happens but we all know I'm a list maker extraordinaire so there ya go.


Wonsch Family said...

super cute outfit, you look great!!!

Barbie and Craig said...

You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUUUTE!!! I haven't grown the you-know-what's to take a single belly pic this time around, but I have a feeling a may regret it if I don't. Especially since I am WAY smaller than I was with P. (Go me! and my silly low carb/no sugar diet!) I'm up 22 lbs. Hoping to only gain 5-7 more...we'll see! I haven't gained AN OUNCE since I started the diet!

I LOVE YOU and your adorableness. Could we please go to the park together??? Miles and Porter are sure to be besties.

White Folk said...

Lovin' your stripes sista! You rock that roundness girlie! :)

MA said...

you look awesome MJ!!!

Lindy said...

Ummm.I can't believe you're having baby in less than 10 weeks. This outfit is fabulous!