get yo fash on...

Anyone that knows me is aware of my ridiculously all consuming obsession with hair accessories. I almost don't feel an outfit is complete without one. Almost. This baby is one of my all time favorites and even better...it's home made! Thank you sister of mine for hookin' me up with this beauty!

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So whenever I wear this hat Hubby calls me Mrs. Peacock. Whatevs, he knows I rock the peacock! Ha! I love CLUE. These pics were taken a few months ago but the outfit remains a staple around here.

Hat: Made by my sister
Bow (In second pic): Forever 21
Pearls: Forever 21
Striped Shirt: Goodwill
Red Skirt: Goodwill

So aside from FASHION WEEK being awesome I am so overwhelmed and in love with all the comments and compliments...ahhh I loooove me some compliments... It has been really fun to see what everyone else is wearing these days. I have gotten some really cute ideas and there are even a few other prego ladies in the mix so we're helping each other out with the non-frumped out fatty clothing ideas.

It has been soooo nice to meet you girls and have a glimpse into your lives and fashion via blog land! I heart meeting new people!

Mkay, in other news... we took baby boy to the pumpkin patch last night and it was like the best thing that's ever happened to him. As soon as we pulled into the patch he started shouting "Punkin!" Punkin! I want touch! I want touch!"

So. Stinking. Cute.
When he tried to pick this one up he said "Ooh heaby." It was pretty heavy.

Alas, our camera was on the fritz so I only got the old phone pics but they will have to do. I love family time and it really made for the perfect FHE. We even ran into some fellow church peeps in the patch so that was fun!

Tonight: Church meetings and a stop at Joanne's to grab supplies for hubby's sexy caveman costume! Bet ya can't wait to see our Halloween photos. Me neither.



Chelsea said...

omg, what a lovely family. you look gorgeous!

KillerB said...

I agree with Chelsea: gorgeous family!

PS-- that hat is fantastic and the peacock feather looks great with your hair. I'd never take it off if I were you :)

E said...

The hat and the bow are both awesome! And your family is adorable.

Lil Muse Lily said...

you are all too gorgeous and stylish!!

katie said...

ah! great hat! and your family is lovely.

AOGrady said...

EVERY single thing about your outfit and photos is adorable! I want to steal that entire ensemble.



Bevin Albright said...

Very classic, gorgeous look!
♥/Bevin @All is Bright

Rachael said...

BOTH outfits are darling! I love headpieces, too and you're inspiring me to pull mine off the bathroom shelf!

Lydia Marie said...

You have a beautiful family, and I love the stripes with the red skirt!

marisa said...

Wow! This is so classic and pretty! And how did you get your hair in those gorgeous waves?!