so the claws came out.

(Another thing I don't usually do; Swim in shark/barracuda infested waters.)

I am not one to be negative and nasty. Usually. It takes quite a lot to press my buttons to the point where I will actually say something to whomever or about whatever is bothering me. A whole lot.

Last night I had finally had enough of a certain someone/situation and I let my temper get the better of me.  I posted a status update on (you guessed it facebook) about my frustration. Sadly, I'm pretty sure every mother in the facebook community took it to heart. Anyone reading this, it wasn't about you.  Well, at least it's not very likely that the person who pushed me past my breaking point is a loyal reader. I kind of hope they aren't actually.  I get way too personal around here for someone like that to understand.

Anyway, my apologies to anyone who may have been caught in the cross fire. Which was apparently everyone. Guess I still have a little growing up to do.

Seriously though, I swear I am this close to starting a world wide boycott of facebook. I am convinced it's starting to do more harm than good for too many wonderful people.

But do I even have the will power to cancel my own account?

Probably not.




L said...

I didn't take it to heart! But I'm also not a mom yet! But I totally understood just from a different perspective... School + work. All through nursing school when I was having to work, classmates whos parents payed for everything kept making comments about "why don't your parents just pay?" GRRR It TICKED ME OFF SO BAD!!!! Especially when Michael and I would keep such a great attitude about school and work and these people would do nothing but complain about how they have no time to do anything... and then they would come in on Monday mornings still hungover from drinking and partying all weekend... when I would drag my but in tired every day from having to close at work... I too got frustrated.... I totally understand... sometimes everyone just hits that breaking point! It happens!

Anonymous said...

I think you gave perspective which can be a good thing! Having been on both sides of the fence in the SAHM or working mom, I can honestly say both situations can be hard and can be delightful! I also do not like women to complain about husbands or children. Sometimes venting helps, but it needs to be to a close friend who loves your hubby or kids and would not start thinking bad things about them. I love FB for all the connecting I can do with others which I think is a good thing. But even good things can sometimes bring stress! Sorry you got caught in the firestorm though!..Vicky