A couple days ago I see Miles stumbling down the hall with my yoga mat and a very determined look upon his face. He drags the mat to the middle of the living room where he proceeds with the daunting task of unfurling the sticky mat. He gets it smoothed out to his liking and then Drew and I watch with anticipation/confusion  as he steps on to it and kneels down. 


Some other silly, cutest baby on the planet antic designed to make us smile?

He then folds his arms, bows his head and squeezes his little eyes tightly shut.

"Dear Heavily Podder,"  mumble....mumble....mumble.... "Mommy," ...... more incoherent baby speak... "Daddy,"....... "Mamel"......"Amen."


Parenthood has so many great perks.



Barbie and Craig said...

OH MY GOSSSSHHHH!!! That is the cutest thing EVER! Porter just says "I want Mommy to say it"...punk. His time will come :)

WAY TO GO MILES! And way to go Mommy and Daddy for teaching him so fabulously :)



Leah said...

AWwwwW! That was so cute I almost squealed aloud! : )

Domesticated-Bliss said...

So, um you look really tan in this picture? Is it fabulous tan from the cruise or did you fake and bake it?

Anonymous said...

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