missed me missed me now ya gotta...

(Cabbage Beach, Bahamas. Gorgeous. So very gorgeous.)

We are back. Actually we've been back since Monday. Ha! I am just now finding normalcy to my routine again and time to blog-it-all. When blogging versus hanging with my two main squeezes blogging always loses. Sorry but we all understand where the priorities are!

So... Since I just know you're DYING to hear all about our vacation... HERE YA GO...

  (Snorkeling in Freeport. I wasn't afraid of sharks at all!)

We had a phenomenal time! Really! There was a ridiculous amount of AMAZING food everywhere you looked. I'm pretty sure hubby had lobster and steak for dinner one night. And the best part about eating all this gourmet food is you don't have to look at any prices on any menus! It's all included! Nice.There was NON-stop great entertainment, like shows, comedy, karaoke, casinos, water slides. Like seriously, we were NEVER bored. If anything I'd say there could have been a little more down time to just chill. Maybe a 5 day cruise next time? (Drew's on board. I think in his heart he's still on that ship) 

   (A night at the show. 80's Far From Over. It was good!)

But really, it was a great vacation, and it was so fun to have our best friends their to share it with. I still say the best part of the trip was watching Shelley bust out the MC Hammer on stage in front of an auditorium full of people! HA! Seriously, that was awesome S!

(The beginning of the hottest day of my life! And the day I got the Voodoo put on me.)

Of course you know I am a home-body and I was ever so happy to be reunited with my sweet baby and my own bath tub and bed. Coming home is a great feeling for me. And let's all be proud of me for just a minute because I didn't shed a single tear over missing my angel while we were gone. If you know me at all you know that is a BIG DEAL.

(What's a cruise w/o a little ballroom dancing?)

Ok, the rest you can figure out through the pics as we all know I am not the most long winded blogger. Usually.

(Every night Drew made me an ice cream cone. They just got bigger and bigger. The last one was even bigger than this. Whoa.)

(On the bus to the snorkeling excursion)

(Because we're awesome we caught the sunrise on our 2nd day at sea.)

(More snorkeling footage)

(Fancy night. Ooh la la.)

(Good times had by all! Let's vacation again sometime S + B!)



Amanda said...

that looked like a wonderful trip!!! glad you guys had fun. and....woah...that's a huge ice cream cone!!! haha! :)

Kristen said...

Marquesas! How the heck do you get your hair curly/crimpy? It's always so cute!

Gabe and Christina said...

Yah, I'm so glad you're back! Looks like an amazing trip! Love your pretty dress!

Kristin said...

Yay! The post I've been waiting for :-D! Looks like you too had WAAAYYYY too much fun. Makes me wanna cruise so bad. We're still tossing around our ideas...mainly b/c we both need renewed passports, and the thought of putting that extra $200 towards a stateside trip sounds mighty appealing. That, and our inner clocks say "Fall is coming...time to hit the road" (since this is our usual vacay time). Anyway, you didn't ask all that! I so enjoyed your pics and commentary. Very proud of you for not shedding a tear. Wondering what the "voodoo" is all about? Hope you're settling back home easily! Although I love travel, I LOVE coming back home! Hugs M, ~K

MA said...

Wow! Looks Fantastic! Glad you had such a great time. Your snorkeling pictures rock!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast! I hope we have that much fun too! BTW I am absolutely envious of your hair in the ice cream cone picture!

Very glamorous :)

I will be calling you when we get back b/c we need to discuss wedding stuff! I think I found a dress too!