to the man of my dreams. on his birthday.

Happy Birthday to you darling!

I love you and I hope you know how sweet you make my life everyday.  You are a man like no other I've ever met. I still can hardly believe you're mine. 

You are good at everything you do.
You  are the funniest person I know (Yes,even funnier than Sister Whipple.)
You are hot, smokin' hot really. Especially in your sunglasses. :0)
You are kind and so caring.
You make Miles and I happy just by pulling into the driveway.
You listen even when I am talking complete craziness and repeating myself over and over and over.
You go out of your way making my happiness a priority. 
You try to better yourself because you know it makes me happy. 
You tell me "Everything will be OK." And you're always right.
You love my through the "dark places" as you call them.
And you never even think I'm crazy.
You always want to cuddle. (Even when I'm about as snugly as a puke covered cactus)
You sit and talk to me while I'm in the tub.
You let me follow you around and cling to you like a leech after a scary movie.
You bring home treats just because.
You joined the softball team with me. (Even though it's your least favorite sport)
You love my baby so much I could cry.
You made me a football study guide so we can enjoy the games together.
You tell me I  am good. 
And I know you mean it.
You tell me I am the most beautiful girl in the world.
And I know you believe it's true.
You love to be loved. 
And I love to love you.

You are an absolutely phenomenal man, husband and father and I am so so so lucky to call you my own. Thank you for being the person you are. You don't even have to try to be cool, funny and h.o.t. and that is pretty awesome.

Happy Birthday Drew, I love you!!!



Anna Baur said...

very sweet. love is so wonderful!

Amanda said...

happy birthday to him!! :)

Barbie and Craig said...

Happy Birthday, Drew! You sound kinda like my husband :)

Hope it's an extra-special one!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Blimes! Hope you had a great time celebrating!