Round two anyone???

Hello. My name is Marquesas and I dye my hair red.

(It's naturally a yucky grayish blonde that I can NOT pull off!)

Please, tell me more about you!!!



Kristin said...

I LOVE your red hair M! It's so YOU. But confessions before Confession Week?! I must save all my secrets until then :-) Oh, ok...here goes:

Hi. My name is Kristin, and I'm really hating getting back to real life after a week of vacation. Yeah. It's been a bad attitude day.

That count?

Mrs. Blimes said...

I know right! But I already had it scheduled for today so I just went ahead with it!

But don't worry, I have PLENTY more secrets for next week!

PS that absolutely counts!

Barbie and Craig said...

Hi, my name is Barb and ....why can't I think of anything?!?

How about this for interesting...I went to Chili's for lunch and I'm going again for dinner!!! HA!

AND I am INSANELY jealous of the silhouette you have of Miles. WHERE can I get one?!

Barbie and Craig said...

What's your email address? Email me! ladybug1059@hotmail.com

Mrs. Blimes said...

Barbie, when I first started this game the other week it was because I had no idea what to say either! I wanted to challenge myself to get to know me a little better bit by bit too! its actually really hard to describe yourself in one sentence!

suzy said...

hi, i'm suzy. :)
i've never ever dyed my hair. but wow, yours looks so good--and natural.

ps: how do you pronounce your name? it's really neat looking.

Gabe and Christina said...

Hi!!! It was so good seeing you too! We'll have to visit again next time we're in town. I love your hair! So pretty!

L said...

I'm Lindley and I FINALLY HAVE A DRYER!!!!! YAHOOOOO!!! (see latest post)

Patrick and Brooke said...

Hi, my name is Brooke and I dye my hair red too! (It used to be just for fun, but unfortunately now it's essential to cover a few grays - I'm too young for this!) :)

Christina said...

Hi, I'm Christina and I also dye my hair red. Yours is a beautiful shade! I wish mine didn't fade so easily.