mail call...

Dear pants that were too big a week ago,
Why do you mysteriously fit now? WHY???

Dear Drew,
I love you because you reset the alarm for me every morning without fail. You're pretty much the best.

Dear Organic Food,
How can I make you taste, like food?

Dear Bloggers,
I love you! This blogosphere makes my day all the time!

Darn, you sucked me in again. Stupid drill swallowing couple.

I am on pins and needles awaiting the proofs from yesterday!!! You have a gift.

Dear P90X,
Big fat fail this week huh? Watch out though. We're comin for you tonight.

Dear Shelley,
Did you not get the memo about this being Hang Out with Friends month? I miss you.



(ps how cute is my baby in this photo captured by Lindsey Lou Photography?)


Kristin said...

Hoorrayyy!!! I love M's Mail Call day :-) Sorry about the pants bit. I hate weeks like that.- Maybe it's just PMS bloat??? Let's think those happy thoughts ;-) - Hope you're enjoying your Thursday! Hugs, ~K

Cole said...

That is an adorable picture. Kind of jealous of your post quarky cuteness. you always post the cutest things. :)

Anna Baur said...

that picture is so great! I love shots that seem to capture so much more than a cute little face :)

and I love the mail call!

Emma Jade said...

cute cute picture!
I love these letter too :)

Amanda said...

what a sweet pic! me and my hubby have p90x...now we just have to start doing them! haha! we want to, it's just finding the time! :)

Wonsch Family said...

seriously, can it already be halfway through June? Time is FLYING by! I miss you friend.