June June June

So for June's Project I have decided to go with Hanging Out With Friends!

I'm celebrating the beginning of this awesome month by showing off some of my very favorite lovelies!!!

Starting with this one!

Dear, sweet, chocolate covered
Shelley. What would my life be without you? Who would give me motivation to workout or help me learn to cook organically? (We are so doing that btw.) I love being your bestie!

Jenn beast. Jenn Beast.
Jenn Beast. The original beast in my heart! You can put a smile on my face any day, any time! You are my favorite forever!

Olivia, life would truly be a bore without you and our trusty cell phones. "How am I supposed to live without my cell phone?" You're a keeper for sure.

Ah Fani! You definitely keep me on my toes! You are a constant surprise and an invaluable babysitter! I love your brutal honesty (though sometimes it stings!) and your ability to help me always see the bright side!

MA! My MA! My MA! Why did Tampa claim you? You are hilarious, fun and down to earth. I love basically everything about you. (Except that your hair is prettier than mine.)

And finally
Lindsey. How could I possibly get by without my Lindsey Lou? You always always have a way to relate to what I am going thru. That isn't something you find everyday. Thank you for listening, and loving me anyway!

June is absolutely bursting with opportunities to chill with some of my favorite peeps! Like the slumber party next weekend with
this gal! So excited!!! And don't think you bloggy pals will be forgotten either! Yall know I'll be visiting (stalking) you all month too!

Bring on the girl power!!!



Jenn said...

Yay!! Love the June edition of the Happiness project!...Not so sure about my picture, but hey pictures are brutally honest sometimes:) At least I can blame it on just giving birth, right? Maybe? Let me think so anyway! Love you! Can't wait to see more of ya!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Great idea! Can't wait to see you! Only 8 DAYS away :)

McConnehey said...

I love to read your blog!!! And I am so jealous you get to see everyone!!! Give them all hugs for me!! And yourself one too!!