beach baby.

This weekend we took Miles to the beach for the first time! HE. LOVED. IT. I'm pretty sure he would have stayed all day wandering around the sands, throwing mud, wading in and out of the water and roaming from blanket to blanket visiting all the friendly faces.

I love seeing him experience new things. Even if it's just trying a new food I want to be there to see his reaction. He is such a bright and fun little guy. I am so happy to be his mama. sigh. :0)

Um. Hello yummy biceps on that hot hot hubby of mine! That's a pretty cute baby they're holding too!

Miles walked me up, down and all around that beach! I think he liked having so much room to roam free.

Many sand castles were destroyed this Memorial Day weekend. (sorry kids)

Ah my adorable baby beach bug.

Truly good times had by all! Hope you Memorial Day was awesome too!



Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

ah he is adorable. your family looks like it had a great day! :)

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

so absolutely CUTE! looks like a fun beach day!

Amanda said...

your blog is lovely! those are awesome beach pics! i can't wait till i get to hit the beach in august!

Kristin said...

Hey there M! (you know, I'm always afraid I'm going to spell your beautiful name wrong, so M is just easier!) - anyway, looks like you guys had a fabulous time at the beach! That's wonderful that Miles liked it so much. I hear lots of kiddos are scared of the water when they encounter it for the first time.- Adorable swimsuit btw :-) I'm in need of a new one piece (as I mentioned in a previous comment) - was this one a recent purchase (as in, I might still be able to find it somewhere?)? Talk to ya later girl, ~Kristin