All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.

It hit me last night while I was tending the nursery at church that my baby will grow up. I was playing Monkey-in-the Middle with some older kids and having so much fun when I was just absolutely overcome with this sad, somber realization. I mean, I already knew it and i think about how fast he's growing all the time but last night I felt especially tender on the issue.

It seems like Miles is ALWAYS in such a cute stage. He changes so much everyday; learning new things, saying new words, experiencing first after first. I love watching him discover the world and being there to witness his reactions to everything. There are so many things I adore about my tiny guy.

-I love how he always smells like cinnamon from his morning oatmeal.

-I love the way he smiles when he's being mischievous.

-I love that he's discovered how to give me raspberries and he finds it hilarious!

-I love how he begs to be "wocked" before bed to delay the inevitable night night time.

-I love how fascinated he is with bugs.

-I love his solo dimple.

-I love how snuggly he is just after his bath.

-I love that he loves to run around naked.

-I love the way he says crazy, "Kazy!"

-I love that he loves me and even though he can't say it yet he shows me in so many ways it's true.

I know one day he will be too big to sit on my lap and have me "wok" him to sleep. He won't think I'm funny just because I make a silly face or dance around the room like a mad woman. I'll just be an ATM and a ride to the mall. But for now he's mine to hold. To snuggle. To kiss and hug every chance I get.

I love you baby boy,



Jenn said...

You are killing me and cry-at-the-drop-of-a-hat post-pregnancy self. Boo hoo.

Kayla said...

So sweet and amazing. Also those eyes... he's gonna be a lady killer.
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Patrick and Brooke said...

Sniff, sniff...no, say it isn't so, they can't grow up! I guess all I can do is enjoy each stage as much as possible. (But it still makes me cry)

Kristin said...

So sweet! That last pic is such a keeper! Happy Wednesday M :-)

MA said...

ah mama quesas! sweet post. miles is just so adorable. i love his cute little grin/smile!

Me said...

Aaaaw, but so true. MY baby turns twelve on Friday and will start going to Young Women's on Sunday. She LOVED to be "woked" especially when trying to avoid bedtime. I can still hear her little voice saying, "wok me adin, Mommy."

Megan Marie said...

So sweet. LOVE the first photo. It goes way too fast.