So last night when we got home from church our power was out.


We had to do P90X w/no lights or AC. Not fun. (major props to drew, fani and myself for finishing)

Miles did provide some adorable entertainment though...

Whenever he saw a lit candle he'd start singing,

"Happy to you! Happy to you!" (Apparently he relates candles to birthdays. LOVE that about him!)

Oh my Adorable!!! He is too precious for words and I love him more everyday.


Kayla said...

That is adorable. I hope the power got on quickly.


Mandy said...

Kudos to you guys for finishing!
How sweet that Miles sang when he saw the candle! These are some of the most precious years. :D

Barbie and Craig said...

OK, that is SO CUTE. And p90x in the dark? You are insane. FYI.

erin said...

oh too cute!

ps how do you like p90x??

Domesticated-Bliss said...

You are hard core, I totally would've skipped it :)

unique font said...