and with Him came the sun.

Thank you for coming to earth for me. Leaving behind Heavens comfort and peace. Thank you for kneeling in the garden; feeling every pain, disappointment, anguish I could ever imagine so that someday you could help me through my petty troubles.

Thank you for being my perfect example of a friend. A brother. A Savior. Your words get me by each day. Your deeds inspire me to be better. I want to live up to the potential you created me for.

Thank you for dying for me. For letting your body be tortured and slain so that I could someday return to you. For forgiving even your murderers with your last breaths. You are beautiful.

Thank you for rising again. Removing the stone and stepping back into the sun. Taking your rightful place resurrected and glorified beside the Father. You are wonderful.

I don't tell you nearly enough how you've changed me. Everyday you change me. The earth mourned three days for you. Three days for the King. Three days of darkness and storm. And then on the third day you returned.

Today I remember what you did for me. For us all. I mourn for your pain. And I rejoice in your resurrection.

Thank you Lord.


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Jenn said...

Happy Easter, girl. Great post.