follow me won't you?

I'm collecting followers... would you join the fun? (My self-esteem would lurve it!!!)

Plus I'm thinking bout challenging dear Jessica to see who can collect the most followers! Ha!

Just click on the "Follow" button to your right!

You know I love you!


Domesticated-Bliss said...

Challenge? I'm in! I know there are more people reading my blog that aren't 'officially' following as I'm sure is the same for you!

How about instead of a competition, we have a goal of 20 by next week?

Then we can go from there!?!

lindsey said...

Done! I'm thinking you guys should follow me, too. :o)


Domesticated-Bliss said...

Of course I think so! It's been a great way to catch back up with you!

Anonymous said...

Jessica sent me over to check out your blog! Good Stuff- count me in!

Mrs. Blimes said...

Thank you EVERYONE! And it is so nice to meet you gals!!!

Kristin said...

Hi! I love new followers, but even more, I love new friends that are interested in being involved in each others lives. If you think you'd like to get to know one another, drop me a line :-) You can read a little about me over at my blog Windy Poplars. I'll look forward to your visit! Hope you have a wonderful day, ~Kristin