tallahassee just doesn't seem as much fun today.

It's probably cuz this darling gem has taken her leave of us.

Dear Mary Ann,

Won't you come back? Tallahassee just isn't the same without you. Primary won't be the same without you... Who will teach me to make homemade jams and cobblers and pies? And bread? Who will inspire me to keep a spotless home and always always have fabulous looking hair? Who will impart talents like floral design and the art of the Korean BBQ?

There really is no one quite like you MA. I miss you already. So does tally. When are we invited to your fabulous new home again?




Lauren said...

cute post! Your friend sounds amazing. And those pictures together are darling!

freya said...

i agree!

Kim said...

I feel your pain! :*(

Tony and Nicole Ricks said...

Ditto, Marquesas! We miss you already Mary Ann!

MA said...

Ahhh, you guys! I'll never forget my AWESOME tally friends!

MJ, you are just too sweet! Thanks for the post- surprisingly cute pics, except I don't think my tongue is very darling- haha

Miss ya, Love ya...