it's a process.

So, my hair is on it's way to a great great place. A happy blonde place where things are sunny and fun. But the trip has been delayed. You see, my hair is in what I am calling: transition. Anyone that's seen me since last Saturday knows EXACTLY what I mean. We're on our way but right now we have pit stopped at the golden/orange rest area for a little breather.

My absolute DOLL of a stylist (who is amazing) totally not her fault that I have lazy and stubborn locks... is going to try to help us along our journey this thursday night with a little toner treatment. Cross your fingers for us... I can't look at this orangey-ness much longer!



MA said...

HOT MAMMA! Whoot Whoot!

Jenn said...

I always liked your hair that blonde(minus the orange pit stop:P-by the way it doesn't look orange in the picture)...that's the color it was when we met!

Lauren said...

Girl, you are too cute. I love your hair both ways!