is there something in my teeth?

So, Boobie, Meester and I were strolling the frozen foods section at the big W the other day when we passed this lady; about 30ish, cute, decently stylish, just normal looking lady right? Well, I couldn't help but notice she was STARING ME DOWN. Like seriously I thought I must have had a giant booger hanging outta my nostril or something.

One isle over, there she is again... STILL STARING. Not like creepy, stalker stare just like stealing quick glances every few seconds.

I was starting to get way paranoid and was opening my mouth to ask her if we knew each other when she said... " I am so sorry, I know I'm staring, it's just that you are SO BEAUTIFUL!"

Talk about make my night! I was snot covered and feeling haggard after a long day of caring for the kiddos and here she comes finding the beauty queen in me! It was awesome.

Except for the part where I spent the rest of our shopping listening to Boobie go on about my lady lover stalker. Ha!

Still I was pretty flattered.


Just had to post something new so that I didn't have to see sad Meester everytime I hopped on blogger.


Jennifer Porter said...

I knew it before you said it... you are beauteeeful. Always nice when people speak up about good things, huh?

Laurel said...

It's true. You are beautiful. :)