the face of sleep learning.

Tell me, could you look into those sad, lonely, baby blues and walk away?

What am I going to do?



MA said...

very heart breaking... good luck!

Katie said...

Ugh I know the feeling! I just can't do it!

michelle said...

I used to sit in the room and read aloud (whatever book I happen to be reading)until Sierra fell asleep. And then bring her to bed with me the first time she woke up in the night, of course ;)

Barbie and Craig said...

I hate this. Hate it, and I knew I would when I read the title. Hate.

Does Drew handle it easier? I used to leave and run an errand, and I would ALWAYS be surprised when Craig said "he fell asleep after ___ minutes."

It sucks SO BAD. So frigging bad.

Mrs. Blimes said...

I know B. I HATE it too. HATE HATE HATE!