getting "X" treme

So, the first week of P90X is done. Grueling. Discouraging. Awesome. I did better than I thought I would do. Several times I worked out until my muscles failed me and I landed on my face. I don't know why, but I love sweating. There's just something about a really good workout that makes a gal feel on top of the world.

This weeks stats:

Bagel's starting weight: 128.0
After week 1: 126.8

Total weight loss: 1.2 pounds

Bagel's qoute of the week:
"My biceps hurt."

Boobie requested that his weight not be put on a blog for millions of people to see (since millions of people read this blog).

Boobie's total weight loss: 4.2 pounds (boo)

Boobie's quote of the week:
"I gotta pause it." (it's a workout DVD in case you didn't know)

Bagel was most impressed with Boobie's: Consistancy, determination, and ability to do 160 push-ups in the span of an hour.
Boobie was most impressed with Bagel's: Ability to do complex Yoga moves without falling over and ab strength

These two make us want to be hotter.

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MA said...

holy cow- way to go!!! btw- i like the new blog makeover!

Barbie and Craig said...

Um. You could not be hotter if you tried. Thanks for playing, though.

Katie and John Newman said...

John watches her 3 days a week and my mother in law watches her the other 2 days, so we have been able to avoid daycare. When John graduates in August, I really hope he will get a job so I can quit and stay home! Are you trying to start a daycare so you can stay home?

sblimes said...

You are both awesome and a great example for the girls at MHCO.